Yingde Cup

Allt som inte passar in ovan
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Martin Danerud
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Yingde Cup

Post by Martin Danerud » 17 Oct 2010 20:09

Ursäkta att detta kommer upp något sent, men jag har förstått att det kan finnas intresse. Först vill jag veta om det finns några seriöst intresserade. Återkom senast torsdag 21 oktober här på forumet! Läs detta nedan från Rövekamp och Orschiedt:

Dear Shogi friends,

as you already know, the Yingde-Cup will take place again in December
We have now received further information that we would like to forward
to you.

Each national association can nominate a team consisting of three
players for the team competition.

Each national association can provide one or more (to be confirmed)
participants for the individual tournament. These can also be
participants of the team, but they don't necessarily have to.

Up to three players will receive free lodging and meals from Friday
noon (Dec 3, 2010) until Monday morning (Dec. 6, 2010). Other
accompanying persons have to bear their expenses themselves.

Each participating national association will get an air ticket subsidy
of 500 US$ for the whole team regardless of the numbers of

The application has to be forwarded to us by the national association,
as the shogi organization in Shanghai asked us to facilitate the
participation by European teams and players. We would like to ask you
to tell us *as soon as possible*, which national association wants to
send a delegation to Shanghai. The names of the nominated players can
be forwarded at a later stage. Germany ans Austria already decided to
send players!

Please also note that we only can try to optimize the exchange of
information between Shanghai and the Western Shogi nations. But we
cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of all the details.

Please visit
http://www.shoginet.de/turnierberichte/ ... -cups.html
There we provide further details, our e-mail-address and a list of the
(western) participants (to be updated).

Kind regards

Frank Rövekamp & Oliver Orschiedt

Nils Carlsson
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Re: Yingde Cup

Post by Nils Carlsson » 13 Nov 2010 09:15

Var det någon som tog chansen?
Jag hade själv tänkt ansöka men upptäckte att jag knappt hade några semesterdagar kvar.

Det vore synd om vi inte hade en enda svensk representant.

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