The Swedish Shogi Forum opens!

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The Swedish Shogi Forum opens!

Post by MickeH »

The Swedish Shogifederation and presents the Swedish Shogi Forum.

Please feel free to take part in the discussions in our Swedish or English part of our forum.
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Post by kasperovich »

I am very glad that I found for myself Swedish Shogi Forum. I know about Swedish websites and from time to time i visited Swedish Shogi web-recources. But for a long time I know nothing about Sweden Shogi Forum. It's a pity but there is a real lack of shogi information.
Today Sweden is one of a few countries to Europe where shogi have the sufficiency of the adherents. And it's very interesting to be on Swedish Shogi Forum. I don't know Swedish language. But I hope to find on-line translator to understand something. Good Luck !
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